Taken from the RealmCrafter: Standard documentation

Script Edit

// This script contains custom /commands for the server to respond to

// You may alter this script however you like

// The entry function for this script is the name of the command

// So a new Function must be added for each new custom command

// You may not override built in /commands

// The actor is the player who entered the /command, and there is no context actor

// Example '/wave' command

Function Wave()

// Animate player

AnimateActor(Actor(), "Wave", 0.2, 0)

// Done


End Function

// Example '/heal' command for GMs

Function Heal()

Player = Actor()

// Check player is a GM

If (PlayerIsGM(Player))

// Set health to maximum

Max = MaxAttribute(Player, "Health")

SetAttribute(Player, "Health", Max)


// Done


End Function

Function TransferA()

Warp(Actor(), "Dark Lands", "Start", 0)


End Function

Function TransferB()

Warp(Actor(), "Dark Lands", "Start", 1)


End Function