Taken from the RealmCrafter: Standard documentation.

Realm Crafter has the Ability to add emitters (Particle Effects) to Gubbins (Weapons, Armor) and add emitters to the bones in actors. It is very simple but does take some planning.

Emitters are attached to bones by naming and the engine covers the placing.

The first thing to do is create an emitter and save it with proper name convention. Such as E_Emittername_MediamangerID such as E_StaffEmitter_10, you can go and edit the emitter any time in the GUE if size, speed, and direction, need to be changed.

The following screen shot is an edited version of the Standard Project StaffEmitter.


Once your emitter is how you like it, you need to find the Media Manager ID for the particle (the graphic used in the emitter). The texture when in preview mode shows the Media Manager ID on the bottom.


Now that you have the name of your emitter, and the ID of the graphic, you must create your object (actor, gubbin, basically anything with a bone in the 3D model) and place a bone in the object.


Add the object to the media manager in your Realm Crafter Project.

*Make sure to copy all textures and the model to the same directory inside your project*

Once the object is added (and depending on if the object is a gubbin or actor) will depend on your next step.

If the object is an actor you can view the actor in game (once you place the actor in a zone, or make the actor playable). If the object is a gubbin you need to make the object an item and place it via the Gubbin Tool (not Armory at this time).

Place the item on the actor(s) in the correct spot, you may have to create severalyou’re your actors if they are different sizes (through duplication, see the gubbin tutorial for how to do this).


Once the item is placed with the gubbin tool you have to make it an item so NPC and PC can use it.


When you have the item created, you can see it in the game, unless the item is for an NPC when you will need to assign a script to let the object be equipped.

Here is the example script when you give an item and name the NPC actor.

Function Main()

GiveItem(Actor(), "Staff of the Mage", 1)

SetName(Actor(), "Gnome")


End Function