Fasaria World- Ancients of Moons MMORPG

Fasaria World- Ancients of Moons MMORPG

Fasaria World: Ancients of Moons is a high fantasy sci-fi MMORPG created in the RealmCrafter Standard engine by the original forum user yodablaze and his team. This is the only known RealmCrafter game that is currently released to the public.

Features Edit

According to the official steam page, the features of Fasaria World: Ancients of Moons include:

  • No Need for Item Shop. All Platinum Tokens and Extras can be earned fairly in game.
  • New in game Leaderboard added. Climb the ranks and reach greatness. 
  • Explore Fasaria and her 3 moons. 
  • Journey through the Planetarium. 
  • Populate and build your space station. 
  • Level up your skills and character. 
  • Collect tribute from your fleet. 
  • Play slots to earn Platinum Tokens. 
  • Gain karma and earn rewards.

Ancients of Fasaria World Online Edit


AoF: World is a similar MMORPG created by the same team, also made in the RealmCrafter: Standard Engine. This game received a mixed score on Steam with users praising the old school style of the game whilst criticizing the lack of players and graphics.

Fasaria World Edit


Fasaria World is the original version of AoF: World that is now discontinued. This was also made in RealmCrafter: Standard and was announced on the RealmCrafter project showcase forum on March 31st, 2008. The name was also changed to Fasaria World: Chapter 1.

Knights of Dream City Edit

Knights of dreamcity gp

Knights of dreamcity gp

Knights of Dream City is a sci-fi MMORPG created by yodablaze in the RealmCrafter: Standard engine and was released in 2009, shortly after Fasaria World. Despite being discontinued, many features and parts of Knights of Dream City was ported over to the current version of Fasaria World.