Illith was an early RealmCrafter: Standard game that was announced on the original forums on December 6th 2005.

Original Forum Text Edit

Here is the original forum post, without any corrections:

"currently me and my team of four are developing a game that will take place on a continent instead of a world.  the game will be different to most MMORPG's because it will give u the chance to grow up as u age. 
of cause to become an adult wont be very easy. the game will be centralised around a story of a big crystal constructed to rule the earth being destroyed and then some group of people set out to find the crystal. but then set up base on an island while they search. 
[no short hand] character is basically a mercenery sent to search the land for illith. there are four factions that u can join all four factions have there own attributes and are searching for different things. 

there will be a fair few character classes to be but there will be 3 classes that u cannot be but are included in the story. 

unlike most games the game will instead not be a test of player attributes but of skill thanks to the click to slash and space to jump control system. 

here i have a drawing i did. (its not that great) it is of the captain of the gaurds for the imperials. i was going to have a boat background but i was to lazy. 

oh and if [no short hand] interested in the game go to and register to find out more about illith online."

Screenshots and concept art Edit

Captain of the gaurds by kuyomashta