Taken from the RealmCrafter: Standard Documentation

There are a number of /commands that can be used during game play by typing them into the chat box. They are split into two groups, All player commands and GM commands.

GM only:

/Ability Name, Level Use the ability at the level the GM has specified

/Give Itemname Gives the GM the item specified

/GM Message Sends the message to all other GMs that are online

/Money Amount Gives the GM the amount of gold specified

/Script Name, function Initiates the specified function of the named script

/SetAttribute Attributename, Amount Set the specified attribute to the amount specified

/SetAttributeMax Attributename, Amount Sets the maximum amount for the specified attribute to the value specified

/Warp Zonename Transfer the GM to the specified zone

/Weather Weathername Set the weather in local zone

/XP Amount adds the specified number of XP points to character, GM only

/warpother <player name>, <zonename> warps a player if they are stuck or lost 

All players:

/AllPlayers Display the number of other players currently on the server

/Date Display the game date

/G Message Sends a message to all other players in your group (groups are set via scripting)

/Players Display the number of other players currently in the zone

/Season Display the current season

/Time Display the game time

/Yell Message Send a global message to everyone on the server

/Leave quit current party
/Invite PlayerName invites a player to join your party
/Me Message sends an 'emote' message
/P Message sends message to other members of your party
/PM PlayerName, Message sends a private message to a player
/Trade PlayerName requests to trade with another player

/fixme if the player becomes stuck this will fix the player

/pet <name>, stay tell your pet to stay

/pet <name>, wait tell your pet to wait

/pet <name>, come tell your pet to come

/pet <name>, follow tell your pet to follow

/pet <name>, attack tell your pet to attack

/pet <name>, name give your pet a new name

/pet <name>, newname give your pet a new name

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