Originally posted by killa15 This is an isometric camera tutorial! 

First, open Find the global vars, and find

CamDist# = 10.0

. Change the


to a


Now below the globals, we are going to be adding this line:

CamPitch = 50

It should now look like this: 


the very bottom

Now open up Find ; Look left/right in first person mode You should see this: 


We are going to be changing a few things. Remove the

If CamMode = 1

and change camdist below that to 15 in all spots. It should look like this when you are done: 


Now find ; Forward You should see this: 


We are going to be commenting a few lines out; it should look like this when you are done: 


Okay, so there is your isometric camera view. Only thing is, the move marker click to move thing causes issues and changes the pitch, but I did not know if you wanted click to move, or wasd movement. So I just left that for you to figure out, it’s fairly easy to do.

EDIT: As a side note, I know some people wanted this as an option. It should be pretty easy to make it an option by not removing that if statement, and adding another if statement like if Iso = false than if CamMode = 1.... I think you know what I mean, it would need a few more, but very easy I think.