Taken from the RealmCrafter: Standard documentation.

Welcome to the MySQL Server tutorial.

Setting Up Edit

To first use MySQL, you need to install a MySQL server. This can be downloaded from It is advised that you download MySQL version 5.0

MySQL can be installed using an installer, this can allow you to configure MySQL to use the settings you prefer.

RealmCrafter Configuration Edit

For RealmCrafter, an administration program is provided, this can be launched from your project manager and will open with a screen saying "No Connections Open".

Firstly, Click the configuration button at the bottom left, this will open a new window in which you can setup and configure RealmCrafter-MySQL support. "Default" can be used to insert the default values of a manually installed MySQL Server. You should already know your Username and Password. The Hostname is the IP or domain name of the server, this is "localhost" (same computer) by default. The Database can be anything you choose, you must create it using another MySQL Administration program (like phpMyAdmin).

Hit the "Test" button in order to check your configuration. Below is a screenshot of my configuration and an example failure message:


Once the tool is connected, hit "Create Structure" to load in the RealmCrafter SQL Structure, this is created by an application called "Mini", so do not be alarmed by another window appearing and giving information. Click "OK" to save settings after configuration.

From here, you can close the tool and run the RealmCrafter MySQL Server, and use it as you would with a normal server.

Additional Functionality Edit

The tool comes with GM features built in, as they have been removed from the AccountsWindow on the server.

Upon starting the tool, click refresh to load up all the accounts that have been created.

From here, using the buttons along the bottom, it is fairly self-explanitory. You can Add and Remove accounts. Change DM and Ban status, and also change the password.

You can select more than one account at a time to make multiple changes.