Vexillum was a RealmCrafter Standard project created by original forum user Darkest_Elite posted on Febuary 28th 2007 and was officially scrapped in Febuary 2008.

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This is the original forum post with no edits made:

Some of you may remember a project I had worked on solo known as Vexillum. Well I am here to tell you that as of 2 weeks ago, I had stopped working on it and went into a directly different direction. I decided the goal of a game is to be entertaining, not something with an intricate storyline. What good is a game if the story is good but the actual playing of the game is slow and boring. Well, that's the direction Vexillum was going and I have scrapped it. 2 weeks ago, I had started working on a new project, currently unnamed. A small icy zone was made with trees and with Architect I made a keep and a gate and from which I made a quick fast actioned arena type zone, perfect for PvP. I played the hell out of it, so did a buddy of mine and it is exciting and fast. As of right now, there are two main factions in the game, Humans and Liches. 

The great thing about it is that there is very little structure. Get in the game, buy a weapon, and fight, die, and repeat. It's very bare right now as I have very little coding actually into it and there is only the melee class but it is showing great potential. I will be trying to release a public testing of the game soon if I can get it tested and worked out well. (I say public testing because saying "alpha" or "beta" is a huge understatement.) 

Here are some screen shots though to tease ya'll. Also be nice, this stuff is all copyrighted to me. 

Here are some of the different textures for the Liches I had made. 


This here is a hidden merchant who sells stronger weapons. Eventually when killing a player it will be scripted so that you get a single gold, and eventually you can save up for better weapons and gear.


The first thing a Lich Player sees. 


The protected Lich area. 


First thing Human players see. Also a protected area. 


Here is a keep towards the middle of the map. From the start it is controlled by Liches, but I will script so that a captain in the middle will be in charge of everything and if he falls, so does control of the fort. Also I will try and make it so that players can buy more guards with their own personal gold. 


Anyways, Thoughts? Comments?