Here is a three step guide to create a simple output script (so that you can have something appear in the game's chatbox). This is useful if you want the player to know which zone they're in.

[Note: This tutorial was originally called "Town Name Appears (Like in World of Warcraft) Tutorial" on the original RealmCrafter Standard forums].

Step 1 Edit

Put this code in to your script editor and where it says INSERT TOWN NAME HERE just insert your Town Name There.

Using "RC_Core.rcm"

Function Main()

Enter in what the town is

Output(Actor(), "You have entered INSERT TOWN NAME HERE")

End Function 

Step 2 Edit

Open up the Game Editor and then go on to Zones and then the zone you made it for (e.g Port Town) and then put it in to the Entry Script!

Step 3 Edit

Test it out on your client.

Step 4 (Have a WoW Styled Town Name) Edit

Use a software such as or GIMP to make a picture of your town name with a 0,0,0 background. Once you've done this, save it as a file name that you'll remember but make sure that there is an m_ at the front of the file name (e.g. m_mytown1.jpg). Use a screen flash through scripting and when the player enters your town, the town's name should appear with the background being transparent.