Star Trek - Adventures Online was a fan-made MMORPG of the hit TV show, Star Trek.

Summary Edit

You have heard about Star Trek Online? Okay, forget it. This game is completly different. It have nothing to do with the upcoming game. Star Trek - Adventures Online plays in the year 2310. Some years after Captain Kirk died on board of the Enterprise - B. A new age has began and hundrets of new recrutes visit the starfleet academy. Now, the summer has come and the final test for the recrutes have started. And you are one of this recrutes!

After your final test at the Starfleetacademy you can go onboard of different ships. Every ship playes one Episode, with many quests and his owen smal story. The first ship, the U.S.S. Destiny NCC-1801 (For Players with LvL 1-5), for example has found an old wreck. 10 Storyquests brings you onboard of this ship and you found out what happend.

You can choose between 3 different classes.

Medical Officier: The Med-Officier is the Mainsupporter of the game. He can build Hyposprays and heal himself and other partymembers. He also can support the team with buffs.

Security Officier: He is the strongest class and can wear heavy weapons. He can also build Granates.

Engineer: The Engineer is the crafterclass. He can build weapons, armor and other things. Also he can beam teammembers to his position.

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