Witch Gate was a 3D MMORPG being developed in RealmCrafter Standard by the original forum's user "Eagle".


In an interview with truespace, developer Vikkie Eagle revealed what the game was about; "The story of Witch Gate takes place an eon after the great war of fire, and in this age the humans have mutated into many sects. The story of Witch Gate is a tragic one, no-one alive knows when the great war of fire happened, but the story has been passed down from the Ancients that the Witch Gates were built in order to preserve the world.

The world itself is made up of floating islands that can only be accessed by traveling through the Witch Gates. The Ocean surrounds the world of floating islands like a huge bubble, keeping the life-giving air from floating out to space. Each island has a sect that occupies it; some are nice, some are very dangerous. And the adventure begins!

These sects are made up of Elves, Dwarfs, Nomes, Humans, Goblins, Trolls and Dragons. The story centers on a great quest, as all of the sects are trying to find the seven Stones of Light. When these are found, the one that combines the stones will have the power of a god. You must choose what sect to be part of, and either work as a team or by yourself as a rogue to find these stones. The quest will be long and hard, but it must be done.

Each player will choose what sect to belong to, and what class to be. The classes include Fighters, Witch Doctors, Sorceresses, Witches, Rogues, and Dark Wizards. Each class has its own set of special powers, which you can build on.

Here is some insight on what happens in the end! Once a player or group finds the Stones of Light, they must take them to an island that is not on any of the maps. This island was created by the Ancients and is actually a space ship. Once you place the stones in the containers it starts a great storm that will collapse the sky ocean forcing the islands to collide with one another – but this does not destroy the world! Instead, what it does is reshape the world back to its original shape, a globe called earth. Then the second part starts…. but you will have to play it to see what that is""

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